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Our Story

Designs, and relationships, that last.

Organic minimalism. This is the best way to describe the interior design style of Leighton Design Group. We create un­derstated settings that enhance and reflect, not overpower, our clients’ lives.

From high-end salons and spas, to fine restaurants and hotels, to posh urban lofts and sprawling beach-front homes, our projects embody this style. We bring them to life with clean lines, luminous colors, and sleek natural materials. In each, the flow from space to space is smooth, taking into account visual appeal, acoustics, ergonomics, sustainability—and budget.

Our process reflects that same sensibility and attention to detail. Because we are a full-service design firm, we work closely with clients from the initial consultation and con­ceptualization through construction, finishing and beyond. Months after completing a project, we follow up to ensure that the design still works. Years later, we return to freshen and update.

What started with Chris Leighton as a one-man shop in 1989, has grown to be an award-winning mid-sized design firm of 20 professionals with the chops to rival any large firm in any major city in the nation. With a studio in Delray Beach, FL, as well as a previous studio in Rochester, NY, we’ve been profiled by the likes of Luxe Design, Hospitality Design, and the NY Times, and our projects can be found from coast to coast as well as internationally. While we’re proud of the reputation and accolades we’ve earned, it’s the lasting relationships we’ve built with our clients that we value the most.

We invite you to be in touch, and look forward to speaking with you.

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